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Business (B2B) Email Appending
ElistAppenders committed to provide "Highly Deliverable" Business Email Addresses in Industry.

Email appending is a data enhancement service that matches and appends email addresses to a database based on first name, last name, postal address and other relevant info. An email appending process involves either a business or consumer database made up of contacts including their name, address and company name [for business contacts].If the company wants to expand into email communication, then they can involve a service provider that has a database of email addresses in order to merge the data together and append business or consumer email addresses to their existent file. In this way they can have an updated database with the current email address of individuals on the list.

The success of email appending obviously depends on the quality of both databases being merged. When done correctly, a permission pass is sent to contacts giving them the option to opt-out of receiving future communications. Emails are also confirmed deliverable during this send, when an email is received successfully from this contacts mailbox.

Email concept has grown-up beyond an interpersonal communications tool. It is the most effective, immediate, targeted and cheapest way to directly reach customers. Email has become very popular and has overtaken other marketing channels like phone, postal, fax, etc.

Therefore, by adding email addresses to your list, you can expand your marketing options and receive tremendous customer communication benefits.

ElistAppenders can help you obtain benefits from email communication and presents B2B Email Appending solutions. Our Business Email Appending solution matches information contained in your file with our data repository of more than 40 million US records. When a match is found, the right email id is added to your file.

Why Business Email Appending solution from ElistAppenders?
Maximum delivery guarantee on appended records
Pay for confirmed email only
Deliverability guarantee of 75% to 85%
Increases Customer Retention goals
Cost-effective method to connect with prospects and customers
An up-to-dated database with fresh target email addresses
Our appending solution promises you more prospects, more customers and more growth by appending right email addresses.
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