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Demand Generation
Demand Generation and Lead Generation are two most commonly used words in the B2B space, especially in the Marketing Automation space, how you differentiate between the two, when the end result of both is to increase sales for an organization. Is there really a difference, when it comes to execution?
Demand Generation is as the umbrella term, with both lead generation and lead management as components with Demand Generation:
Demand generation = Lead generation + Lead management
Lead generation is the process to generate leads.
Lead management is the process to turn a lead in a sales ready lead.
Lead management = Lead nurturing + Lead scoring
Marketing automation is a technology that will power both Lead generation and Lead management.

Practices and metrics that may relate to demand generation, including awareness (through the use of social media and other channels), organizational readiness (making sure that agreements are in place between sales and marketing on what the definition of a lead is, for example) and pricing/promotion that is separate from the discrete lead generation activities.

Lead generation is a set of marketing activities designed to generate customer inquiries into your company's products or services. They may include direct response types of activities like search engine marketing or the creation of interesting content offers, or may include outbound calling to prospects. It also includes referral or affiliate marketing programs.

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