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CRM Database Cleansing
Data cleansing, cleaning, or scrubbing is the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from business database. After cleansing, a data set will be consistent with other similar data sets in the system. The inconsistencies detected or removed may have been originally caused by user entry errors, by corruption in transmission or storage, or by different data dictionary definitions of similar entities in different stores.

The actual process of data cleansing may involve removing typographical errors or validating and correcting values against a known list of entities.

Our Data Scrubbing and Mailing List Cleaning Services Prevent Database Disasters.

The United States Postal Service states that 35% of all bulk mail mailed every year ends up in the garbage due to inaccurate addressing

Are you getting too many non-deliverables and poor response rates? If yes, pls contact us for our Data Scrubbing and Mailing List Cleaning Services.

Advantage from this service: Any company or organization interested in reconnecting with customers and prospects lost to bouncing or inactive email addresses.
Email Change of Address: ElistAppenders Email Change of Address (ECOA) service keeps your email lists up-to-date by identifying bad emails and updating them with good ones.
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